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The e-connect link is a portal to Candidate resources that allows them to manage their engagement with Automation Personnel Services through a secure portal. Access to these resources are through a secure sign-in page that requires a username and password, to ensure your information is secure and protected.   Accounts and passwords are provided by your recruiter.  This web services portal allows the customer to access their account and review:  jobs, interview schedule, and assignments.


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Employee Feedback Form

Employee Job Hunting Suggestions

  • Focus your resume on the position that you are applying for at that time – resumes that reflect the skills and qualifications to succeed in the employers industry are critical to getting the hiring managers’ attention.   (A resume that indicates you are looking for a career in their industry gets a lot more attention than a resume written for a teacher that is applying for an automotive position.)
  • Research the company before you apply to ensure you have a solid understanding of the company’s line of work and how they deliver their products and services.
  • Networking is a key component to exploring career opportunities.   Make sure your professional and personal friends know that you are looking for a new opportunity to ensure the lines of communication are open.

Candidate Interviewing Suggestions

  • Appropriate attire is a must, dress formally unless told otherwise.
  • Arrive early for your interview (15 minutes is appropriate).
  • Additional research into the company, division and location where you are interviewing is always a good idea.
  • Prepare a list of questions that you would like to ask the employer.  Preparing the list before the interview will allow you to reference your earlier thoughts as a reminder of the information you are seeking.   Having the list in writing can allow you to answer questions that have not been discussed during the interview; the amount of information given to a candidate during an interview can distract them from getting critical information.
    • Questions should be focused on how the organization works, communication techniques, and how the division/department is evaluated.  (companies like to know that you are aware of how the organization succeeds)
    • Questions about compensation, vacation, and holidays are not appropriate until an offer is made or an offer is pending.
  • Thank the interviewer for his/her time.   One of questions that will be answered by the hiring manager is “Do I want to work with this person every day?  Will I be able to work through complex issues with this employee?”
  • Candidates should always give the impression that they are flexible and forward-thinking employees that put the company’s objectives in front of their own personal objectives.
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