light-industrial-staffingNearly all of us have been passed up for a job at one point or another. Although some of us have experienced the letdown only once or twice, others have lived through it more times than they can count. Though it might be hard to determine the reason that you didn’t get the job, there are some common mistakes made during the interview process to consider before you start jumping to conclusions as to why you didn’t get the job. Automation Personnel Services, one of the largest staffing firms in the U.S., has five reasons your job interview may have ended in failure.

1. Mistakes on Your Resume or Cover Letter

This might seem obvious, but mistakes on a resume or cover letter cost job seekers a number of opportunities in their job search. While humans do make mistakes, it’s critical to proofread your resume before sending them in for a job. It helps to share them with a friend or family member to receive their feedback. An extra set of eyes can go a long way in spotting errors that would have gone unnoticed or overlooked.

2. Don’t be Late to the Interview!

Showing up late to the initial interview is one of the worst things you can do when trying to land a job. Not only will this be seen as unprofessional, but it might cause an employer to eliminate you from the position altogether. If this is the case, you’ll have no choice but to continue your job hunt with another company.  Punctuality reflects a candidate’s responsibility and dependability, which are 2 key qualities that any employer looks for in an employee.

3. Dress Appropriately

Treat the interview in a respectful manner. While the majority of interviews don’t have a strict dress code, it’s expected that you’ll wear something more than casual clothing. Going too casual might make it difficult for the company to take you seriously while wearing something too dressy could paint you as overqualified. When in doubt, contact the interviewer, or staffing agency, ahead of time to ask directly.

Even when applying through a staffing agency, your attire is just as important. When submitting your resume with a staffing firm such as Automation Personnel Services, you should expect to complete the application process by interviewing with one of our Talent Coordinators.  There is often the potential to go on a 2nd interview the same day so it’s best to be prepared by coming properly dressed.

4. Be Prepared for the Interview

One of the top questions asked in an interview is; Tell us what you know about our company or industry. Be prepared to answer this question before any interview. People who enter the interview blindly and without being prepared will be seen as unmotivated or lazy.

It’s important to show the research that you have done. Take a moment to tell the interviewer exactly how your skills can be used in the position you are applying for or how one of your past achievements could be used to help the company.  Specific examples work well when trying to explain your past accomplishments.

5. Don’t get Discouraged if you are Not the Right Fit

In some cases, you’re simply not the right fit for the job. You could have a good work experience and all the necessary skills for the job yet still be denied an opportunity based on the interview alone. While this has nothing to do with you personally, the best thing you can do is to stay motivated. Don’t get discouraged, stay positive and move on to the next opportunity at hand. Remember: Persistence always pays off!

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