Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet


By Joe Crowe

As artificial intelligence and automation increase, it is important to keep an eye on the future and be prepared for jobs that don’t exist yet. New jobs will come into existence in new fields. While it may seem silly to look into jobs that do not exist, it is possible to prepare yourself now for jobs that will be available someday. 

Current trends show that some of the following jobs that don’t exist yet could come along soon, according to 

Chief Productivity Officer

Pushing efficiency will be important at companies big and small. Project managers should look at enhancing their leadership skills as well as their experience in data analytics, Monster’s report says. 

Excess capacity broker

Someone who helps organizations find ways to make money with assets that are not being used could fill an important role at any company. Such brokers could identify assets such as property and machinery that other companies might pay to use. Those with logistics and supply chain management skills could be prime candidates for a job like this.

Drone manager

Drones are growing beyond being a fun pastime. As the technology improves, more companies will be using drones as part of serious business, the Monster report says. Soon companies will need experts such as fleet managers to acquire and maintain whole fleets of drones to support current jobs as well as jobs that don’t exist yet. Managing those fleets could also involve air traffic control systems.

Medical mentor

Helpers, advocates, and mentors will be needed more than ever, as health coaches and patient advocates become more common in ways such as ensuring patients follow through on doctors’ recommendations. 

Mechanic for self-driving cars

While self-driving cars are on the rise, self-repairing cars still do not exist outside of sci-fi movies. They will still need old-fashioned mechanics, but those old-fashioned mechanics can stay in the futuristic loop by learning about new software and technology now. 

Human-technology integration specialist

These specialists would help people use technology that will improve their lives, an information technology specialist times ten, the Monster report says. IT representatives could add some life-coaching skills to take advantage of this future possibility. 

Getting ready for jobs that don’t exist yet is not a new idea. It has happened before, according to Fast CompanyThat report says that 25 years ago, no one knew what a drone operator, ride-share service manager, or social media account manager did, because those jobs did not exist. 

 Workers today can prepare for the jobs of tomorrow by growing their skills, expanding their outlook, and being ready when new innovations arise.

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