Some job seekers cite the resume-writing process as the hardest part of their job search. Try as they might, many find it difficult to come up with the words needed to express their experience in a manner that is equally concise and informative. If you’re struggling with the resume writing process, try implementing some of the following tips and tricks.

Not only will they help get your creative juices flowing, they’ll ensure your resume is up to par with today’s standards and expectations in the job market.

  1. Tailor Your Resume to a Specific Industry or Job

If possible, try to tailor your resume to a specific industry, job or career path. This might require the use of multiple resumes if you’re pursuing multiple roles, but it will certainly payoff in the end. Not only does this reinforce your interest in the job at hand, certain roles have different stylistic guidelines or formatting standards that you’ll need to follow for maximum effectiveness.

  1. Use a Career Summary Instead of a Career Objective

Your resume’s opening statement can, in some cases, make or break your chances of landing your dream job. As such, it’s important you use these few sentences – three or four at most – to deliver a concise and impactful career summary.

While resumes once used Career Objectives as opening statements, this is somewhat redundant and entirely outdated. Your objective is obvious – you’re looking for a job. Instead of wasting the space at the top of your resume to reiterate this information, it’s better to use these lines as a brief summary of your career thus far.

  1. Focus on Your Achievements

More importantly, try to describe them in a way that relates to your future career. Instead of providing a boring, monotonous list of your day-to-day duties, take some time to explain how your actions made a difference. Use hard statistics, as well as facts and figures wherever applicable in order to emphasize your greatest accomplishments.

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