Job interviews are a stressful process. Some job seekers have even more difficulty with staffing agency interviews. Since they’re trying to make a strong impression with the agency as well as the companies they represent, the amount of stress is effectively doubled. To counteract this, try to utilize the following tips during your next staffing agency interview.

  • Treat it the same as any other job interview.

    Although this interview is likely for a temporary position, it should be given the same amount of consideration as any other interview. Failing to take the interview seriously will likely result in an outright rejection.

  • Dress appropriately.

    Most staffing agencies, including Automation, typically maintain a casual workplace. While there’s no need for a three-piece suit and tie, all applicants should appear well-groomed and dressed for the part.

  • Research the staffing agency beforehand.

    Job seekers often go to great lengths to research job openings and specific companies, so it makes sense to perform the same amount of research on a staffing agency before using their services. Not only does this give you a clear understanding of the jobs they typically offer, it lets you verify facts like payment, benefits, vacation time and more.

  • Remain honest at all times.

    Remember: honesty is always the best policy. You’ll likely be asked why you’re seeking temporary work, and while there is no right or wrong answer, you want to avoid coming across as desperate. If you only plan on being with an agency for a few months, let them know right off the bat. It certainly won’t disqualify you from any opportunities and your interviewer will appreciate your honesty.

  • Demonstrate your ability to represent the brand.

    Staffing agencies want workers who will represent their brand in a positive light. As long-term temporary workers are often sent to a variety of workplaces, it’s critical you showcase your ability to get along with others, adapt to new work environments and represent the agency.

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