For some jobs, particularly those in entry-level positions, a resume isn’t typically required. Such positions typically make use of a thorough application process, which provides a pre-formatted document for the applicant to complete. In this case, you should be prepared to submit a complete application and a comprehensive resume. Automation Personnel Services shares important areas to focus on when developing your resume.

Elaborate on Relevant Skills

One of the keys to success as a writer is to write with your target audience in mind. Writing a resume is absolutely no different, although your target audience is probably limited to hiring managers and potential employers in your chosen area of expertise. Regardless, it’s still crucial that your resume caters to the industry as well as the role that you are pursuing.

Don’t be afraid to go into great detail about the skills you have developed. Instead of simply stating your knowledge of computers, for example, list the specific types of software and hardware that you are familiar with. The same strategy can be applied to your knowledge of tools and hardware within the area of light industrial manufacturing.

To provide another example, those with forklift experience may be tempted to sum up such experience in two or three words. Instead, try providing specific details surrounding your experience with a forklift. This includes your level of familiarity with different types of materials, environments you’ve worked in and your awareness of various safety standards, operating procedures or emergency protocol. Highlighting such experience, when relevant to the position in question, can work wonders in demonstrating your skill set in a comprehensive manner.

Address Any Gaps in Employment

Some workers, especially those who are relying on temporary work to get by, may have long or extended gaps between assignments or employers. If this is the case on your resume, it’s best to address the issue straightaway. This can be done within the introduction or mission statement of the resume itself, through an included cover letter or even during a face-to-face interview. Whichever method you choose is fine, just make sure that you are prepared to address and explain any such gaps to any hiring managers or potential future employers.

List Temporary Assignments According to the Staffing Agency

Traditional resumes usually list each job within its own entry. While this is fine for those who have held employment over an extended period of time, those who have held numerous temporary assignments, particularly through the same staffing agency, are free to list such experience according to the individual staffing agency used.

Not only does this show the temporary nature of these jobs, but it is a strategy that can even be used to cover up small gaps within your employment. Furthermore, this tactic is useful when trying to conserve space on your resume, which could be better used for highlighting and detailing specific skills or past career accomplishments.

Automation Is a Leader in Light Industrial Staffing

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