While the long-term protection, health and physical safety of temporary workers should always be treated as an utmost concern, the responsibility to ensure such qualities does not fall on the shoulders of the employer themselves. Instead, it is a joint responsibility that is shared between the host employer and the staffing agency involved. As such, there a number of tactics that can be employed by a staffing agency in order to ensure that the employers they work with on a regular basis are operating in a productive and efficient manner at all times.

Get to Know the Employer’s Culture

There are a number of ways this can be accomplished, but the Internet puts a plethora of resources at your disposal. Make sure to read any mission statements, goals or objectives a company may have posted on their website. If necessary, don’t hesitate to make a direct inquiry regarding any of their future plans, timelines or strategies.

Social media networks and review sites are also great resources when trying to delve into a company’s background. Here you’ll be able to find real testimonials from real people involving their own experiences with the company.

Monitoring and Enforcing Compliance

As a staffing agency, it’s your job to make sure all of your client-employers are operating in compliance with all your requirements, standards and regulations. While many employers already have internal safety standards and emergency illness protocol in place, it’s always a good idea to review such information at the beginning of your partnership. Not only will this give you some insight into any previous incidents, injuries or illnesses, but it can also give a staffing agency the chance to interject their own standards of safety and quality prior to taking on a new employer as a client.

Once a professional relationship has been established, it’s important to maintain consistency with any safety standards you’ve introduced. Take the time to disseminate any expectations or requirements in detail, and make sure the employer has a clear understanding of such expectations. Doing so can streamline the monitoring and enforcement processes while ensuring full compliance at all times.

Provide Training & Orientation As Needed

In order to minimize injuries and illness among a workforce, it’s important that all employees undergo the proper training and orientation. This especially holds true for temporary workers, who may not be readily familiar with the safety procedures of their newest position.

Although most employers will provide initial training and orientation, staffing agencies can implement their own complementary training programs as necessary. Not only is this is a great way to drive productivity among temporary workers, but it is also a proven method of reducing worksite injuries and incidents.

Communicate With Your Temporary Workforce

As mentioned, it is the joint responsibility of both the staffing firm and the employer to ensure the long-term safety and health of temporary workers. Staffing agencies should never hesitate to reach out to their temporary workforce in order to field any questions, ease any concerns and even to verify that each employer is fulfilling their obligations.

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