Automation Personnel Services Opening In Carrollton, Texas, Expanding Services In Dallas Area


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CARROLLTON, TX – Automation Personnel Services, a leading staffing agency, announces the opening of a new office in Carrollton, Texas. The new office will be named Dallas Metro and is poised to cater to job seekers and companies across the Dallas area. The move to Carrollton represents a strategic decision to enhance accessibility and serviceability… Read more »

Cultivating a Positive Workplace


Positive Workplace - Automation Personnel Services

Strategies Industrial Companies can use to Boost the Employee Experience The success of any organization is tied to the well-being and satisfaction of its workforce. A positive workplace for employees not only improves productivity but impacts the success and longevity of the company. Here are some strategies that your company can implement to create a… Read more »

Creating And Accomplishing Life Goals



We all have life goals we want to achieve. Whether it’s landing a promotion, becoming more financially stable, or learning a new language. However, to achieve your life goals, creating an actionable plan is essential. Here are five tips to help you create and achieve your life goals. Define Your Goals Setting clear and concise… Read more »

Top 5 Job Seeker Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


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Searching for a new job can be an exciting yet challenging process. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, job hunting is a journey that demands careful planning and execution. Unfortunately, many job seekers fall victim to common mistakes that hinder their success. Here are the top five job seeker mistakes and some… Read more »

The Benefits Of Upskilling



Upskilling has emerged as a cornerstone for professional growth and success in today’s rapidly-evolving job market. The dynamic nature of industries, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer preferences, demands that individuals continuously enhance their skill sets. Upskilling – the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills to bridge the gap between existing abilities and… Read more »

Tips For Working The Overnight Shift


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Working The Overnight Shift? How to get your mind and body accustomed to working nights. By Rick Geiger Growing up they always told you: “Nothing good happens after midnight.” And you didn’t believe them. But now that you find yourself venturing into the dark working the overnight shift, you have to admit: You were totally right!   Congratulations…. Read more »

Soft Skills To Help You Land A Job



The term “soft skills”, commonly associated with personality traits, social habits, communication level, and people skills, can be applied to many different characteristics. While some may be more valuable than others, and some may be more relevant to one particular job or another, it’s still important to focus, at least in part, on these soft… Read more »

Building Talent Engagement Processes


By: Felecia Brasfield To find and retain dedicated employees, a company needs to have an efficient talent engagement process. A recent Gallup report, State of the Global Workplace, revealed that 85% of employees are ‘not engaged’ or actively disengaged at their respective jobs. This sets the stage for a competitive job market that companies need… Read more »

How to encourage employees to learn new skills



By: Felecia Brasfield Encouraging employees to learn new skills creates benefits for the individual and company alike. However, inspiring employees takes a certain amount of knowledge and finesse. The responsibility of guiding employees in this direction usually falls on hiring managers, supervisors, and department leads.  Developing the workforce is about teaching team members how to… Read more »

Boosting Employee Morale Through Employee Recognition



By Felecia Brasfield When employee morale is high, staff members are more productive and experience more positivity. On the other hand, low morale can weigh a company down, resulting in less productivity and motivation. Contrary to popular belief, low morale isn’t always the result of a company issue. Lifestyle and personal demands affect an individual’s… Read more »