Soft Skills To Help You Land A Job



The term “soft skills”, commonly associated with personality traits, social habits, communication level, and people skills, can be applied to many different characteristics. While some may be more valuable than others, and some may be more relevant to one particular job or another, it’s still important to focus, at least in part, on these soft… Read more »

What Is MIG Welding?



By Rick Geiger Most people know that welding is the process of fusing two pieces of metal into one. But they may not know just how prevalent it is in our modern society. According to Howard B. Cary in his book Modern Welding Technology, “Nearly everything we use daily is welded or made by equipment that… Read more »

Recognize the Skills Gap and See How Automation Personnel Services Helps Overcome That Challenge


A term originally invented in 2001 through a study that highlighted the difference that exists between the skills that manufacturing employers are looking for and the actual skill sets of the immediate workforce, the Skills Gap can be a real problem when it comes to finding and securing top talent. While each staffing agency has… Read more »

What Do I Wear to a Job Interview?


Wearing the proper attire to the initial interview is critical when it comes to making a strong first impression. Not only does the perfect outfit serve to highlight your professionalism, but it also shows the interviewer that you have read and understood any of their own dress code requirements. Moreover, it demonstrates a large amount… Read more »

Lean Six Sigma Programs Will Help Manufacturing Efficiency


A worldwide initiative that has recently broken through into the mainstream, Lean manufacturing refers to a set of standards that facilitate the elimination of waste, increased production and streamlining procedures on behalf of employers. Moreover, as Lean manufacturing often includes the principles of quality assurance as outlined by Six Sigma, the package creates a highly… Read more »