Maximum Efficiency and Productivity

As companies today strive for maximum efficiency and profitability, flexible staffing has evolved into a strategic, economic solution to enhance overall performance and achieve corporate goals. By temporarily supplementing their permanent workforce, companies can respond more quickly and effectively to staffing challenges due to:  

  • Seasonal increases in workloads
  • Special promotions
  • Production deadlines and backlogs
  • Employee vacations, illness or maternity leave

Flexible Staffing

Automation is perfectly positioned to handle swings in workforce demand. Our staffing model is designed for quick ramp-up with a large volume of employees.  Staffing coordinators and engineering recruiters continuously screen, interview, evaluate and hire qualified employees for our database.

Assignments are booked daily, providing the “just-in-time” labor force you need, without wasting resources. For those periods when your company needs fewer Automation employees, they can be reassigned to other customers so that trained, skilled employees are retained. So they’re just as sharp – or sharper – when you need them again.

Staffing Solutions to meet your business needs:

Whether you are looking to replace one employee for a day or to hire several hundred employees indefinitely, Automation has a proven track record for recruiting, tracking and managing payroll for as many or as few employees as you need.

Automation Personnel Services offers:

Superior screening, testing and training

We conduct in-depth, face-to-face interviews, tailored to meet your needs. We provide drug testing and background checks upon request. We can provide proficiency testing results for each employee. Our testing can be customized for specific employer needs. We provide customized training programs to ensure that our employees will perform well in your workplace.

Work performance guarantee

We pride ourselves on providing the most qualified and professional candidates. If you are not completely satisfied, simply notify us within the first four hours of the assignment. You will not be charged for those hours, and we’ll promptly send you a replacement.

Continuing quality assurance

We follow up to be sure that our employees are giving you the performance you expect. We continue throughout the assignment to ensure your satisfaction.


We can provide time tracking cards or you may use your own. We implement accurate timekeeping methods to provide the least amount of disruption in your schedule.

If our employee is injured on the job, call our office and one of our representatives will pick up and transport the person to a medical facility and fill out all forms required by the state. On request, we provide a Certificate of Insurance to prove workers’ compensation and liability coverage.


We can provide short-term or long-term employees. You may hire any of our temporary employees upon completion of contract hours at no additional cost, or you may negotiate a direct buyout at any time.

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