Why Automation?

Automation Personnel Services uses stringent guidelines of our own to screen prospective employees, so that we can deliver a better quality and more stable workforce to you. When our clients provide us with their company “blueprints” of their quality standards, we are able to duplicate all the screening, testing, orientation, safety and hiring processes that are required.

Our selection process may include:

Employee Screening

Quality Standards – Met and Maintained

  • Employee background and education are screened and verified for critical skills and experience
  • Employee is assessed for personality traits that are critical to success
  • Face-to Face Interviews
  • Skill–Based Evaluations
  • Safety and Policy Orientations
  • Drug Testing
  • Background Checks (Degree verification)
  • Reference Checks
  • Risk Management Program
  • Follow-Up Contact
  • Quality Assurance Survey
  • Video Interviews

Staffing Services to enhance the customer experience

Automation serves a broad spectrum of businesses and has developed special services to accommodate diverse staffing needs, such as:

  • Automation offers 24-hour on-call access to a company representative
  • Vendor On Premise dedicated to servicing your company on premise
  • Employee training
  • Safety bonus programs to reduce accident frequency
  • Attendance bonuses as incentives for our employees
  • Drug screenings, criminal background checks, physicals and security badges for employees
  • Departmental reports on temporary usage
  • Unique StartUp Program
  • Benefits

Automation Personnel Services can provide properly screened and reliable employees to meet the specifications of our customers. Screening requirements can be custom designed to meet each customer’s needs.

Automation Personnel Services offers a “Four-hour guarantee.” If for any reason in the first four hours of the workday an employee does not meet the quality standard required, just call Automation Personnel Services and there will be no charge for that employee.

Vendor On Premise

Vendor On Premise (VOP) provides more efficiency and productivity in the workforce. VOP leads to:

  • Decreased administrative costs by customizing invoices and special reporting on staffing needs that can reduce paperwork.
  • Proactive management in your ever-changing staffing needs.
  • Additional resources by increasing productivity and efficiency of the workforce by establishing a relationship with supervisors, temporary employees and regular staff.
  • All of these items and more to increase profits by letting you focus on your business.

First Start Services

  • An Automation staffing professional will be on-site each time we have a new resource starting at our facility to ensure that the assignment begins with no wasted time or confusion.
  • Our staffing professional will ensure that the required resources are present and understand the requirements of the position, including performance and behavior guidelines.

Employee Skills Evaluation & Testing

  • By customizing employee testing, we can provide a qualified workforce to fulfill specific hiring needs.
  • Automation Personnel Services uses PC-based testing with a complete suite of high-performance software to evaluate an applicant’s proficiency levels in the specific skills required to be successful for the position desired.
  • As a trusted business advisor, we will provide the best solutions for your staffing needs through interviews and assessments designed to gain an understanding of your business environment.
  • As your business grows, your staffing needs change. Automation Personnel Services can design and implement customized programs that will grow and expand with you.
  • To find the approach best suited for your organization, there are several options from which to choose.
  • You can select from a series of customized programs or have our talented representatives develop a customized program.
  • Additionally, if you prefer, we can administer your organization’s skills evaluation testing programs as part of our process of qualifying employees for your assignments.
  • Give our sales professionals a call today to get a program designed especially for you!
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