While some companies hire all of the staff members that power their company, others choose to utilize the assistance of temporary workers. When used effectively, there are a number of advantages to contingent employees.

Highly Efficient in Locating Employees

Companies who utilize temporary staff members usually regard it as a highly efficient means of locating and securing talent when compared to other, more traditional techniques. Because most of your contingent workforce will be sourced from a third-party company such as Automation Personnel Services, you’ll immediately be able to benefit from our vast pool of talent.

Meeting Seasonal Demands

Temporary workers are commonly used in order to meet seasonal production demands. In this case, even employers who primarily rely on staff employees will find that a contingent workforce can be incredibly useful. Instead of requiring overtime or placing tight production deadlines on your current staff, many employers see more productivity and greater efficiency when using temporary employees to supplement the increased workload.

Conversely, the use of a temporary workforce also lets you accommodate slowdowns in production. This avoids massive lay-offs or contract terminations due to a lack of work, materials or some other production-oriented reason.

Accept New Contracts or Quotas

In some cases, new contracts end up being denied for no other reason than a lack of available workers. When using a contingent workforce, however, an employer can strengthen its roster whenever needed. As quotas slow down and contracts come to an end, these employees can easily be let go. On the other hand, if the pace starts to pick up at all, these same employees can be quickly transitioned into full-time roles within your company.

Serves as a Tryout for Both Employees and Employers

Employers can also use contingent workers as a strategy for screening possible candidates for full-time employment. Similar to trying out for a sports team, this gives you the opportunity to assess an employee’s potential before making any long-term commitments.

On the other hand, employees can also use this time to find out more about their employer, the company culture and their teammates. The flexibility works both ways, and it’s important that employers are aware of this.

Spreading Information via Word-of-Mouth

Contingent workers are also able to benefit a company through word-of-mouth promotion and advertisement. The simple act of telling someone where you work is a form of advertisement, and going into greater detail about one’s level of job satisfaction can do a lot for a company’s reputation. Moreover, some temporary staff members are able to assist in the recruitment process by introducing their friends or family members.

Partner with a Leader in Industrial Staffing Services

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