The candidates provided have been a great fit including all that have been interviewed. Automation doesn’t just send you anyone willing to work, they send qualified candidates willing to work.


Automation has exceeded our needs for our staffing needs. The employees at Automation are extremely professional, on time with responses, and know what our company needs as far as staffing.


I receive excellent service from Automation and feel they are superior to any temp agency we have used. Automation has always been able to get me qualified help in a timely manner and is able to get me qualified replacements quickly if one of my people need time off or if I need to add when business picks up. I can not say enough good things about the agency. They feel more like part of my team than a vendor to me.


I have had a very positive experience with Automation Personnel Services.

They have provided me with high quality people.


Automation has tailored what they do to meet the business needs my company has. They reach out to me via phone if urgent and follow-up with email. I know that I can reach out to them anytime I am in need of anything.


Typically the personnel sent by automation has been a better fit for our company and a higher quality employee than similar services.


…now they are the only resource!


Experts in Automotive Staffing!


Best Staffing Service I have ever used.


Great Customer Service!