Automation Personnel Services understands the difference between productive communications and those who are just talking to get their voices heard. If you’re currently benefitting from any of our services, including payroll services, temporary staffing or any of our technical services, you’ve probably already noticed the emphasis we place on communications. Maintaining a similar focus for your workforce makes it easy to avoid unnecessary conversations without jeopardizing the day-to-day communications that are required from your team.

Recognize When It’s a Problem and When It’s Okay

Temporary workers tend to be more talkative than your permanent employees. Most of them will have leftover questions that weren’t covered during the initial interview or orientation process.

Employees who are limiting their conversations to work topics are typically okay. It’s the ones who constantly talk about their free time, their personal lives or their latest vacation that tend to be a problem. If this is the case, pull the employee aside and have a private conversation. This is enough to solve the problem in most cases, but additional intervention may be necessary if this is an ongoing problem.

Separate Normally Talkative Employees

If you have two or more employees who cannot stop talking to each other about their personal issues, you might have no other choice but to separate them. We recommend you look at all of your options before making a permanent move. Moving one or more temporary workers to a different shift is typically the easiest and most straightforward option. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to move the problem employee to another department altogether.

Try to get employees to focus their communications solely on their job and the project at hand. This is a highly effective way to foster communications, keep your temp jobs filled and meet any production deadlines you may have.

Don’t Remove Communication Completely

Keep in mind that communication is critical to any successful company. We built our success helping you succeed, and we plan to maintain our efforts well into the future.

Use Talkative Employees to Your Advantage

We recommend you use talkative employees to your advantage whenever possible. Try to place them in positions where their gift of gab is a positive trait instead of a drawback. Roles in training, public relations and even marketing are all great choices.


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