Many job seekers view the interview process as a one-way street. The interviewer asks all the questions and the candidate simply answers. While this may have been enough for jobs in the past, today’s interview process is much more involved. Nowadays, nearly every interviewer is expecting the job seeker to ask questions on their own. The increased interactivity is critical to finding the right person for the job; temporary worker or otherwise.

Asking questions of your interviewer shows genuine interest on your behalf. Those who ask well-informed and well-researched questions can also gauge whether a job is right for them before even stepping foot on the job site. Automation Personnel Services recommends you prepare at least two questions for every interviewer, though you’re free to choose as many as you’d like.

What Are the Primary Responsibilities?

As many roles have multiple parts and several day-to-day responsibilities, it’s always a good idea to clarify this before showing up for your first day on the job. Staffing services like Automation can help by providing pertinent information from our clients to begin with, but it’s up to you to ask specific, targeted questions that solicit the responses you need.

How Long Is the Role Expected to Last?

Not only does this help you plan your personal schedule, but having an idea of the length of your term can help you decide if the job is even worth it in the first place. Learning a new trade for a role that only lasts a week might be too complicated and stressful. On the other hand, a week-long gig might be ideal depending on your schedule.

Where Is the Company Headed in Five Years?

A question like this should only be asked if there is the potential for longevity or permanence in the position. Not only does this let you get a feel for the future of your profession, it can help you setup your career progression to match the upcoming goals of your new company.

How Do I Compare With Other Candidates?

This question depends on the tone of the current interview. If everything’s going smoothly up to this point, feel free to ask about your competition. Their response could give you valuable insight that lets you adjust your expectations one way or the other.

If the interview isn’t going in your favor, however, you might not want to ask about the competition. Refraining from this type of questioning doesn’t indicate a lack of interest on your part, but it could save the interviewer the embarrassment or awkwardness of a truthful answer.

Making Your Interest Known With Temp Agencies

Automation will do everything in our power to state this interest on your behalf, but it’s important you’re able to back this when talking to any prospective employers.


Ready for Your Next Interview Opportunity?

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