When it comes to your temporary workforce, there are a number of ways in which you can facilitate their day-to-day management and productivity. Although some employers rely on their chosen temporary agency to provide management over temp employees, some prefer to use on-site managerial personnel to ensure effective supervision, team-based cohesion and overall success. In fact, there are several benefits to employers who prefer to take this hands-on approach to leadership.

Primary Reasons for Using On-Site Management

If you rely on a large number of temporary workers to fill available positions, then you’ll want to seriously consider using an on-site manager. Even if you only have a limited number of temporary positions available, if you frequently call upon a temporary service to fill these needs, then you might want to consider taking on the responsibilities of workforce management for yourself. On-site management is a great way to bolster operations, uphold communications and maintain pursuit of organizational visions.

Streamlined Performance Tracking

One of the biggest benefits realized through on-site management of temporary personnel is increased accessibility to performance metrics and key performance indicators. Since you won’t have to depend on a temporary agency for these figures, you’ll be able to disseminate progress and highlight productivity in a much clearer and concise manner. You’ll also be able to compare and contrast performance figures between employees, which could come in handy if you are looking to transition your temporary workers into full-time positions.

Increased Team Cohesion

If you are expecting your temporary employees to effectively assimilate themselves into an already-established team or if you are trying to build a new team out of your temporary employees, then you’ll certainly want to take the managerial reins yourself. Temp agencies won’t be able to foster team-based operations as effectively or easily as an in-house manager can, and this allows an organization to make adjustments to their workforce on the fly in order to accommodate workers who are more skilled than others or to other fill roles of greater responsibility.


Utilizing a temporary workforce is an excellent way for an employer to gauge the effectiveness of an individual – or group of individuals – before committing to any permanent hiring initiatives. Temporary employees are best evaluated through hands-on management as opposed to relying on the data provided by a temp agency, as this gives managers the opportunity to see exactly how an employee is going to react with the responsibilities, requirements and timeline restraints of the temporary project.

Improved Employee Relations

While some employers don’t put a huge emphasis on cultivating strong relationships with their temporary workers, doing so can actually be extremely beneficial to your organization. To do so, however, you’ll need to have an on-site manager ready and willing to drive employee relations, resolve any conflicts and answer any questions. On-site managers can even orchestrate regularly scheduled meetings in order to strengthen communications and employee relations even further. Finally, your entire staff will benefit from the availability of a single, internal point-of-contact to tend to all of their needs.

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