Employer FAQs

How much will it cost my company?

The cost to you will vary based on several factors, including account volume, workers’ comp costs and lead time for our staffing managers. Automation Personnel Services is committed to providing quality employees to your company at a competitive price. Our direct hire rates are very competitive and are typically based on market-specific factors. Direct hire rates can also be adjusted for exclusive recruiting efforts.

What is the process for finding employees through Automation Personnel Services?

Our search and recruitment efforts begin immediately. Automation Personnel Services will get the details of the position from you so we will send the most qualified applicants for your needs. By clearly understanding your needs and the requirements of the position, we can select the best candidates.

For the higher-level technical positions, we will ask the human resources manager or hiring manager about the culture of the organization and some basic questions about the work environment.

You will work with our local representative so that they understand your expectations; job description, pay rate, and screening requirements. This allows our representative to create a Staffing Agreement that is customized to meet your needs.

How long will it take to fill open positions?

The time frame for successfully finding an employee for you is going to vary based on our current employee base and your specific needs. For established customers, we try to anticipate demand and maintain a pool of qualified associates. We are committed to sending the most qualified associates and are continually screening potential associates. Most routine orders can be filled within 24-48 hours. Specialized positions could take longer. Our structure allows us to call in additional support to help fill immediate needs if required. You may decide to look at the most qualified applicants and do an interview, or we can fill a position based on the qualifications you provide.

With respect to the direct hire technical positions, it is a function of skill set, season, industry and compensation packages that play a big role in building a qualified candidate pool.

What kind of background checks do you provide?

All Automation associates can be screened to match your requirements. Common screening requirements include drug testing, background screening, reference checks, and employment verification. We can also confirm the level of education and verify necessary certifications. All employees have completed an I-9 and been processed through e-verification.

The technical recruiting background checks take a little deeper look into a candidate’s qualifications. At the customer’s request, we will provide reference checks as well as one-off reference checks for employees and will also verify that any degree or certification listed has been verified.

What if I am not satisfied with an employee placed by Automation Personnel Services?

We realize that not every job is a fit for every person and sometimes that is not clear until the person is working. Our temporary-to-hire program provides an opportunity for you to see an employee in the work setting and determine if they will be someone you want to hire. If you recognize that an employee is not a good fit in the first four hours of an assignment, just give us a call. We will replace the employee and you won’t be charged for the first one. We also offer direct placement services and guarantees vary based on the contract for each client.

What kind of jobs do you fill?

Automation Personnel Services is a full-service staffing company, and we handle positions in all areas of technical management clerical, industrial and skilled trades. By having a broad base of applicants, as well as various recruiting resources, we can meet your needs in most areas of your business.

Automation Technical Services is our technical recruiting division for filling positions with unique skill sets and experience. We have a team of qualified recruiters with years of experience in technical positions that are qualified in identifying characteristics that are present in most high-performing employees.

Why should I use your service instead of filling the position on my own?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our employees and feel our greatest resource is our past, present and future employees. The screening process for our applicants allows us to best match their skills and training to the positions.

By using the temporary-to-hire program with Automation Personnel Services, the hiring risk is out of your hands. If you are not satisfied with an employee, we can replace them, and you have not made the investment of hiring them onto your payroll. We cover workers’ compensation and unemployment costs as well as taking away the stress of recruiting and sorting through applicants for the ones who are qualified. Automation Personnel Services invests in our own employees by providing training and certification for all our office staff. We can be a resource to you when questions arise about staffing and employment.

Automation Personnel Services will get the details of the position from you so we will send the most qualified applicants for your needs. By clearly understanding your needs and the requirements of the position, we can select the best candidates.