atlanta-ga-staffing-agenciesThe modern resume serves, in many cases, like a manager’s first impression of your skill set, your past achievements, and your accreditations. Although the value of a great resume cannot be stressed enough, it’s important that you take the time to update your resume on a regular basis. While it may seem like a pointless activity, especially if you aren’t in the market for a new job, you never know when that next big opportunity might come along.

A Sign of Preparedness

First and foremost, having a complete and updated resume is a sure sign of being prepared. Hiring managers get annoyed by an unprepared applicant, so you can begin racking up bonus points right from the start. Having an attractive and readable resume that with your most current information is also a sign of self-motivation and confidence, which is sure to leave a lasting impression with your potential new employer.

Make Yourself Available

In some cases, you’ll need to update your resume to make yourself available for a potential new employer to contact you. If you’ve recently moved to a new residence, or if you’ve changed your phone number or email address, make sure to revise the contact information on your resume. There’s nothing worse than submitting a great resume with erroneous information, and it might even cost you that dream job.

Some job seekers may have set up a website or signed up with one of their favorite social media sites since last updating their resume. If this is the case, you may want to consider adding in the address to your online profile. Just make sure not to post anything on these sites that could hurt your chances of landing a job!

Eliminate Gaps

Those who fail to update their resume on a regular basis may find large, unexplainable gaps between their past jobs. While shorter gaps can typically be excused, prolonged or frequent absences from the workforce can be a huge turn-off to hiring managers in the light industrial sector.

Remember, it’s easier to update your resume when all of the information is fresh in your mind. If you wait several months or years before updating your resume, you may find yourself struggling to recall specific dates, duties, and even employers.

Have Your Resume Ready at All Times

Finally, make sure to have your resume ready at all times. You don’t have to carry around a copy in your back pocket or purse, but it is a good idea to maintain an updated copy on the hard drive of your desktop or laptop computer. This gives you easy access to the document when it comes time to update or distribute your resume. Many of today’s employers are even able to accept resumes in a digital format, which lets you email or upload your document in a fast, secure and convenient manner.

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