Receiving a New Job Offer: The Road to a Promising Start


Receiving-A-New-Job-Offer | Automation Personnel Services

Receiving a new job offer is a thrilling moment in your career journey. Whether it’s a position you’ve worked hard to achieve for years or a new role that caught your eye, the prospect of a new beginning is exciting.  However, it’s crucial not to let your emotions lead you to hasty decisions. Instead, taking… Read more »

Top 5 Job Seeker Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Top-5-Job-Seeker-Mistakes | Automation Personnel Services

Searching for a new job can be an exciting yet challenging process. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, job hunting is a journey that demands careful planning and execution. Unfortunately, many job seekers fall victim to common mistakes that hinder their success. Here are the top five job seeker mistakes and some… Read more »

Developing Problem-Solving Skills



Problem-solving skills are a fundamental into today’s workplace and play crucial roles in both personal and professional success. Whether you’re facing a complex issue at the office or navigating life’s challenges, developing strong problem-solving skills can make all the difference. Here are five effective strategies to help you develop and enhance your problem-solving abilities.  Understand… Read more »

Five reasons to consider a career in the skilled trades



As the new school year rambles along, many high school juniors and seniors find themselves at a crossroads, facing the critical decision of what path to take next. While our culture has promoted the traditional four-year college plan as the key to a successful career for decades, an alternative avenue is gaining momentum – skilled… Read more »

How To Stand Out During An Interview



Standing out in an interview can help you increase your chances of getting the job you want. A job interview is not only an opportunity to talk about your experience and skills but also an audition in which you are being stacked up with other candidates. Here are some points of advice to help you… Read more »

Tips For Working The Overnight Shift


Working-The-Overnight Shift-Automation-Personnel-Services

Working The Overnight Shift? How to get your mind and body accustomed to working nights. By Rick Geiger Growing up they always told you: “Nothing good happens after midnight.” And you didn’t believe them. But now that you find yourself venturing into the dark working the overnight shift, you have to admit: You were totally right!   Congratulations…. Read more »

Skills You Need to Ace Any Job Interview



Getting your dream job is not as easy as it seems, even if you have the skills and qualifications to do it. Sometimes, it is all about how well you do during the interview. That is your opportunity to impress the employer and get on top of the list. With these thoughts in mind, here… Read more »

Soft Skills To Help You Land A Job



The term “soft skills”, commonly associated with personality traits, social habits, communication level, and people skills, can be applied to many different characteristics. While some may be more valuable than others, and some may be more relevant to one particular job or another, it’s still important to focus, at least in part, on these soft… Read more »

How To Land A Job With Limited Experience



Is there a job you want, but you have limited experience in the subject area? Whether you’re straight out of high school or college and trying to dive headlong into your dream job or even if you’re trying to build a basic resume, there are several strategies you can use to get your foot in… Read more »