Keep your back and shoulders injury-free



How to keep your back and shoulders injury-free when lifting on the job By Lee Hurley Two possibilities exist in today’s work related lifting environment. Either you are young and bullet proof, nothing bothers your back or shoulders and you can out lift the old dudes by 3 to 1. Or, you are older and… Read more »

Tips For Working The Overnight Shift



Working The Overnight Shift? How to get your mind and body accustomed to working nights. By Rick Geiger Growing up they always told you: “Nothing good happens after midnight.” And you didn’t believe them. But now that you find yourself venturing into the dark working the overnight shift, you have to admit: You were totally right!   Congratulations…. Read more »

Older Car Maintenance Tips


Tips for keeping an older car in shape.

Five Simple Maintenance Tips To Keep an Older Car in Shape By Joe Crowe  Few people can afford a top-of-the-line, straight off the dealer’s room floor new car, but we all know how important it is to have a reliable means of transportation to get to and from work each day. However, if all you… Read more »

You Aren’t a Robot – Tips to Find a Warehouse Job that Doesn’t Treat You like One


Although some warehouse jobs can be monotonous from time to time, it’s important to find an employer that doesn’t treat you like a robot. There are many companies out there that simply want you to show up on time and complete your responsibilities on a day-to-day basis – and there are others that will offer… Read more »

What Is It Like To Be In Your Boss’s Shoes For A Day?


Being the boss is a challenging job. Not only are they responsible for ensuring the day-to-day productivity of the entire team, they also have executive-level accountability, too. In short, the boss serves as a middleman between the general workforce and those that have financial interest in the company. While this might be hard to imagine,… Read more »

Great YouTube Channels for Interview and Resume Tips!


What started as a small-scale site for uploading and hosting personal videos has quickly expanded into a full-fledged media platform – and YouTube shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. But the content found among the millions of online videos isn’t limited to popular media and entertainment. In fact, there are plenty of resources… Read more »

Think 6 Hours of Sleep is Enough at Night? Think Again.


According to recent polls and studies, the majority of adults only get approximately six hours of sleep each night. To make matters worse, many adults believe that six hours is enough. While certain individuals can function perfectly well on minimal sleep, nearly all of us can benefit from the doctor’s recommendation of eight to nine… Read more »

How Can Automation Personnel Services Prepare You For a New Job


Preparing to enter a brand new job or embark on a whole new career is a daunting task. Between the questions surrounding your short- and long-term finances to an ever-evolving job market, the stress of starting from scratch is enough to affect even the most determined of applicants. Thankfully, there are a number of steps… Read more »

How Can You Explain Temp Work on Your Resume?


Many job seekers struggle when it comes to crafting the perfect resume. It becomes even more complicated when trying to list temporary or temp-to-hire jobs. Not only do you have to worry about the short-term nature of such gigs, it can be difficult to come up with any real achievements when you’ve only spent a… Read more »