Working In Hot Weather Safety Tips


Working In Hot Weather | Automation Personnel Services

By Loyd McIntosh Now that it is officially summer, the temperatures in many parts of the country are approaching triple digits. While office workers have the luxury of working in air-conditioned spaces, many workers either work outdoors exposed to the elements or in non-climate-controlled environments like warehouses and factories. There are many potential risks to… Read more »

How To Eliminate Employee Distractions



By: Felecia Brasfield The productivity of staff is essential for the success of any business. Workplace distractions cause breaks in concentration and decrease productivity. A significant challenge for managers is finding ways to increase productivity and eliminate employee distractions.   70 – 90% of employees report feeling distracted during their workday, with the average employee experiencing… Read more »

How to encourage employees to learn new skills



By: Felecia Brasfield Encouraging employees to learn new skills creates benefits for the individual and company alike. However, inspiring employees takes a certain amount of knowledge and finesse. The responsibility of guiding employees in this direction usually falls on hiring managers, supervisors, and department leads.  Developing the workforce is about teaching team members how to… Read more »

Boosting Employee Morale Through Employee Recognition



By Felecia Brasfield When employee morale is high, staff members are more productive and experience more positivity. On the other hand, low morale can weigh a company down, resulting in less productivity and motivation. Contrary to popular belief, low morale isn’t always the result of a company issue. Lifestyle and personal demands affect an individual’s… Read more »