Workplace Flexibility Plans At Your Company



The post-COVID-19 economy has presented businesses with loads of challenges, including a host of new workplace flexibility demands from job seekers. Today’s workforce is searching for jobs with more work-life balance than ever before. Some are even opting to work as independent contractors, allowing them the ability to choose their own schedules and work when, and… Read more »

5 Common Recruiting Mistakes And How To Avoid Them



Recruiting top talent is essential for any organization’s success. A strong workforce can drive innovation, boost productivity, and contribute to the overall growth of a company. However, the process of finding and hiring the right candidates can be fraught with challenges. Here are five common recruiting mistakes that companies often make when recruiting new employees… Read more »

The Benefits Of Upskilling



Upskilling has emerged as a cornerstone for professional growth and success in today’s rapidly-evolving job market. The dynamic nature of industries, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer preferences, demands that individuals continuously enhance their skill sets. Upskilling – the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills to bridge the gap between existing abilities and… Read more »

Working In Extreme Heat Safely



As much of the country experiences dangerously high temperatures, it is important to understand how working in extreme heat can pose serious, even life-threatening risks to your health. Heat-related illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heatstroke can have severe consequences, including death making it crucial to take proper precautions when working in hot environments. Whether… Read more »

Minimizing Workplace Injuries At Your Company


Minimizing Workplace Injuries | Automation Personnel Services

Workplace injuries are a serious concern, costing companies millions of lost dollars and lost productivity per year. In industrial settings, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees and preventing workplace injuries is a top priority. They not only lead to human suffering but also disrupt productivity and impact a company’s bottom line in the way… Categories: Employers Workforce Development

Five reasons to consider a career in the skilled trades



As the new school year rambles along, many high school juniors and seniors find themselves at a crossroads, facing the critical decision of what path to take next. While our culture has promoted the traditional four-year college plan as the key to a successful career for decades, an alternative avenue is gaining momentum – skilled… Read more »

Working In Hot Weather Safety Tips


Working In Hot Weather | Automation Personnel Services

By Loyd McIntosh Now that it is officially summer, the temperatures in many parts of the country are approaching triple digits. While office workers have the luxury of working in air-conditioned spaces, many workers either work outdoors exposed to the elements or in non-climate-controlled environments like warehouses and factories. There are many potential risks to… Read more »

How To Eliminate Employee Distractions



By: Felecia Brasfield The productivity of staff is essential for the success of any business. Workplace distractions cause breaks in concentration and decrease productivity. A significant challenge for managers is finding ways to increase productivity and eliminate employee distractions.   70 – 90% of employees report feeling distracted during their workday, with the average employee experiencing… Read more »

How to encourage employees to learn new skills



By: Felecia Brasfield Encouraging employees to learn new skills creates benefits for the individual and company alike. However, inspiring employees takes a certain amount of knowledge and finesse. The responsibility of guiding employees in this direction usually falls on hiring managers, supervisors, and department leads.  Developing the workforce is about teaching team members how to… Read more »