5 Reasons To Hire A Staffing Agency Now


Reasons To Hire A Staffing Agency

BY LEE HURLEY UNCERTAINTY  Even before the COVID-19 virus turned the world upside down there was a reported high degree of job uncertainty. While unemployment rates were at record lows, globalization and disruptive technologies created challenges for many workers and recruiters. Now those terms are meaningless compared to this pandemic which has slowed economic output to… Read more »

What is a Worker Desert?



What is a worker desert and  how are companies adapting? By Lee Hurley It’s not a little ironic that a good economy has caused such a challenging issue: finding qualified employees to fill open jobs. The term “worker desert” is now being used to describe the problem. According to varying reports, there are more than… Read more »

How to gear up for seasonal hiring



By Joe Crowe  Getting ready for the holiday season can be a mixture of chaos, panic, and anxiety. However, meeting your seasonal hiring needs does not have to be as stressful as Black Friday at midnight. Here are some ways to prepare your company for your seasonal hiring needs Bring them in early Get an… Read more »

How to Attract Talent in Today’s Economy



By Rick Geiger It’s not 2011 anymore. Shocking, right? It seems like just yesterday it was easy to attract talent with skilled, educated, and motivated job hiding around every corner. Hiring was fun. The fish were jumping into the boat! Now? Not so much. So, what happened? Well, you know what happened. The economy improved,… Read more »