Now Is The Time To Get A New Job


By Lee Hurley

The COVID-19 pandemic has given many of us a chance to step back and think about our work. While it can be challenging to change directions, it’s not impossible and for many, now is the time. Why?  Traditionally a crisis is when workers begin to consider a shift in direction. And often change breeds success. What do you really enjoy doing? What do your friends say you are really good at? Get online and research. Kick the tires. There may be jobs available in areas you never considered. Here are some reasons why now is a great time to get a job.

Recruiters are trying to find you

Often we forget that companies exist to match people with jobs. I’m not referring to Monster or Indeed but rather staffing agencies like Automation Personnel Services who individualize the process. As Forbes says, “They are working to build their candidate pipelines and sourcing talent so that they are ready to capture top talent and convert applicants quickly once positions are available.” In other words, put yourself out there. Nothing bad can come from that.

Smaller pool

For whatever reason, and the theories vary, demand for jobs has outpaced supply. While that is slowly equalizing, there are currently jobs available everywhere. It’s being called the great post-pandemic crunch. Reuters offered examples, “A foundry in Indiana couldn’t ship $1.6 million worth of metal parts to customers last month because it didn’t have enough workers to make them, while a Massachusetts plastics factory has outsourced nearly a quarter of its business to subcontractors to keep up with orders it otherwise couldn’t fill.” The post pandemic demand has been compared to soldiers coming home from serving in World War II. The demand for goods is stronger than ever and to make and ship those goods companies need employees.

Flexibility and higher wages

There are other benefits to high demand for workers.  Companies are offering bonuses to new employees, higher wages and often flexible hours. sent out a survey to 500 human resource managers and the results of that study have been encouraging. A majority of the HR leaders said they’re planning to provide work flexibility to support workers wherever they are, not just those who work at corporate headquarters. Additionally companies are realizing that once they do the math it makes more sense to raise wages and increase tenure than to keep wages low and have orders go unfilled or attract more fickle workers. 

If there is a bottom line it’s that now is a great time to get a job because there are more jobs available than there are people applying for those jobs. That causes better paying jobs and allows us workers to pick and choose as well as consider career changes without a huge penalty. If ever there was a time to put yourself out there that time is now.

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