Job fairs generally present a great opportunity for locating and, in some cases, securing employment within a specific industry or company. Even the most successful jobseekers enter such events faced with challenges such as competition in skill and experience, limited face-time interactions, organizational disruption, etc. Therefore, it is imperative that jobseekers be prepared with a number of strategies in place in order to maximize their chances for finding gainful employment. There are a number of tips and tricks you can use in order to heighten your success, make a better first impression and gain new, valuable contacts that may prove helpful in your future job hunt.

Create a Plan and Stick To It

Jobseekers should always have a clear plan in place before stepping foot into a job fair. For starters, create a short list of employers that you want to visit and scratch them off your list one at a time. Determine the type of company that you would want to work for and seek them first. Not only will this help you to stick to your previously established plan, but it will also make sure that you connect with the most desirable employers, industries or positions.

Next, prepare a brief list of questions to ask each potential employer. These questions should be direct, concise and relevant to their area of expertise. Questions regarding their ranking amongst industry peers, their recent achievements, their future organizational goals – and even their expectations of individual employees – are all great questions to ask.

Do Your Research

One of the best ways to show that you are genuinely interested in a particular job or company is to do your research beforehand. While this may not be possible for all companies, the Internet is usually a great resource for finding out a company’s history, their mission statement and even their current status within the industry. Such research can also come in handy when formulating specific questions to ask of any potential employers.

Pre-Register When Possible

Given the quickened pace of society, many job fairs now allow jobseekers to pre-register beforehand. This typically requires you to submit a resume, or at least a professional summary, as well as your personal contact information. While pre-registration doesn’t necessarily give you an edge over those who chose not to, it does ensure that your information is accessible in case any employers show an interest in your skill set.

Bring Several Copies of Your Resume

Proactive jobseekers should always be equipped with numerous hard copies of their resume for distribution directly to potential employers and hiring managers. Some jobseekers even create multiple versions of their resume, which is useful when applying to different positions, companies or industries within a single event.

Be Prepare For a Brief Interview

Finally, make sure that you are prepared to undergo a brief interview while attending a job fair. Many employers perform interviews on the spot, and others use job fairs as a way of pre-screening employees before offering up an opportunity for an interview. To that extent, you should always ensure that you are ready to respond to questions, promote yourself, and show interest in the specific job in question. Job fair interviews also provide you with the ideal launching point to make any inquiries that you may have about the company or their available positions.

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