Many job seekers are under the false impression that hiring managers and interviewers have to read any document that’s placed on their desk. This simply isn’t true. In fact, most hiring managers apply a set of strict professional standards to every resume they see. Failing to meet these standards doesn’t set you apart from the others – it only increases the odds you’ll be overlooked for someone else.

Older Experience

Not only is it important to keep your resume as relevant as possible for the roles you’re seeking, it’s also critical that you focus on your most recent experience. According to current resume standards, an experience that is beyond 10 or 15 years old is typically summarized or left off the resume entirely. Such roles just don’t carry the same amount of weight as your more recent experience and – depending on your areas of expertise and current career path – these older jobs might not be relevant at all.

The Job Description

Lazy job seekers will copy the job description of their current role – sometimes word for word – and paste it into their resume. Not only is this a clear sign of an unmotivated recruit, it’s borderline plagiarism. Moreover, generic job descriptions don’t usually describe the entire role. Instead, summarize the position in your own words and point out specific highlights or achievements with individual bullet points.

A Mission Statement or Career Objective

Past resumes used a mission statement or career objective to clarify their intentions and get the ball rolling. However, your intentions are already clear enough – you’re applying for a job. Instead, use a career summary or personal introduction. This gives you the opportunity to highlight some skills that might not be shown elsewhere on your resume or to reiterate your track record of success in a specific role.

Vague, Meaningless or Overused Words and Phrases

Job seekers tend to fill their resumes with vague, meaningless and overused words. Not only do they take up valuable space on your resume that could be used to showcase more achievements, they come across as lazy. Some words and phrases include experienced, people person, go-getter, synergy, thinking outside-the-box, value-add, dynamic, detail-oriented, and proactive.

Developing Your Resume With Automation

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