Workplace illness can wreak havoc on an otherwise successful and productive workforce. Particularly troublesome in the winter months, widespread illness can be devastating to a company’s bottom line. The most proactive employers try to combat sickness before it even begins. While this isn’t always possible, there are a number of tactics available to those who are trying to get a pre-emptive strike on germs within the workplace.

  1. Advocate Regular Cleanliness

Focusing on workplace cleanliness is one of the most effective strategies you can use when battling workplace illness. This includes the regular washing of hands as well as common touch points or areas of high contact within the facility. By stressing regular cleanliness, workplace administrators and leaders can help prevent the spread of germs before they even start.

In order to facilitate this process even further, employers can even provide the necessary soap and sanitation equipment. With the needed supplies already in place, your staff will find it easier to adapt to any new rules, regulations or guidelines you may choose to implement. At the very least, this strategy lets you eliminate any possible excuses for not maintaining individual cleanliness.

  1. Promote Wellness Throughout The Company

The most proactive of employers will take advantage of every resource available to them when trying to spread awareness about workplace sanitation, employee health and general cleanliness. Once limited by technological constraints, the 21st century now provides a surplus of ways for promoting wellness throughout your entire workforce.

Some of the more traditional forms of promotion include the implementation of workplace posters, bulletin board advertisements and even newsletter blurbs. While these methods have been proven effective in the past, they may be considered outdated by some standards. In this case, E-mail blasts, text messaging campaigns and even company websites can all be focused toward workplace health and safety.

  1. Establish a Company-Wide Flu Shot Clinic

Finally, some employers even establish company-wide wellness clinics as a means of promoting and bolstering the health of the workers. Flu shot clinics, vaccination campaigns and even minor cancer screenings can all be performed on-site without causing too much of a disruption to productivity. In fact, such initiatives can even boost productivity by breaking up the monotony of the daily grind.

There are a bunch of different medical institutions and organizations that offer such services. While many choose to partner with an organization from the local community, this isn’t necessary. If you can’t find a partner within the community, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere for a company that meets your exact needs.

In Closing

There are a variety of reasons why the health and general well-being of your employees should be your topmost priority. Apart from lowering absenteeism and protecting the long-term productivity of your professional team, maintaining a healthy and successful workforce also sets a positive example for other employers within the industry.

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