By Lee Hurley

Hiring the right person is always a difficult task and that’s yet another reason to allow an employment firm to help. Experience is needed to know the top character traits to look for based on the available job and its specific needs. As much as we all wish that every employee would possess every trait needed for perfect work performance, the truth is as humans we are all better at some things than others. And yet here are a few character traits which tend to show up in successful employees again and again.


Having the ability to work with others on projects is essential for most jobs. Teamwork is part attitude and part organization and it’s a willingness to recognize who has more experience and talent in certain areas and using those talents to create success together.

Positive Attitude

Without being too nostalgic, our country was founded on the belief that we can get things done. The “can-do” spirit is one of America’s top character traits and it leaves little room for cynicism. People who arrive for work energetic and enthusiastic every day, have an edge over their counterparts. That positive attitude is critical to solving complicated problems whether on the manufacturing floor or the construction site. Having a positive attitude is also infectious. 

Detail Oriented

Many of us can remember our parents saying, “Pay attention to the details.” Small things add up to big things. Employees who take detail seriously are also ones who enjoy their work. They become natural leaders because others gravitate toward them to learn. 

Good Listener

All of us have experience with the person who rarely takes a breath to stop talking. Many of us have a hard time truly listening. And yet studies show that those who take time to understand what someone is telling them retain and perform significantly better. It seems easy to listen. It’s not. Many of us are formulating our response while someone else is talking. It takes practice. 

Hard Worker

Ever hear the saying about someone else: “Don’t get near the exit at 5 p.m. you might get run over.” It’s pretty easy to spot those who have a strong worth ethic and other top character traits. They are the ones who don’t leave the job until it’s finished. They are the ones who typically had two jobs in high school. The ones who talk less and act more. “The basis of an effective organization lies in how capable it is of hiring result-oriented and industrious workers who execute.”

Good Communication Skills

This character trait comes up in every sort of profession. The truth is communication is so critical because it’s hard to have great teamwork if you can’t explain what it is you are trying to accomplish. Good communication starts with employee-to-employee relationships and inappropriate communication leads to issues within the company and with clients too. Whether you are a logistics coordinator, an industrial painter or work in a call center, clear concise communication is critical to success.

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