Stephen Nordness founded Automation Personnel Services around service and communication, and these are the values we hope to pass on to all staff members and our clients. Whether you rely on Automation Personnel Services for staffing services, payroll services or other technical services, Stephen Nordness reminds us that communication is the key to success!

Build Trust With Co-Workers

Some employees, particularly temporary workers, tend to be trustworthy of their managers and nobody else. While this might be fine in a position that only lasts a few days, temporary roles that last a week or longer require a high level of workplace trust.

Thankfully there are plenty of ways to build trust with your co-workers, even if you’re a temp or replacement. Keep in mind the fact that building trust takes time. The temporary nature of your work can make it more difficult to build trust in the first place, but it can still be achieved through honesty, reliability and communications.

Learn From Your Teammates

The Automation Personnel Services corporate office is full of learning opportunities for our own staff members. For maximum effect, try to give your employees a learning experience that is both educational and fun. Not only will this maintain their interest for even longer, but the excitement of learning new trades or information can jump start morale to all-new levels.

Automation Personnel Services staffing recommends you write down any new information, ideas or concepts you learn on the job site. Reviewing them at the end of the day, or even once per week, is a great way to strengthen your knowledge of the workforce in general. You might even pick up some brand new skills as a result.

Open Up a Two-Way Conversation

Remember: conversation isn’t a one-way street. Every Automation branch revolves around communications, and your company should, too!

Some staff members, especially new employees and temporary workers, might be shy about opening up to their co-workers. When you go out of your way to ask these employees about their feedback, it accomplishes multiple goals. First, it gives them the perfect opportunity to express any concerns they may have been holding back. Second, it gives them the confidence to come to you with any future issues, problems or requests they may have.

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