Automation Personnel Services offers many safety precautions that help temporary employees perform better in the heat. Since summer is in full swing, we’ll focus this post on how to get your staff involved in preventing heat-related illness during warmer months.

How to Know When the Heat Has Become Too Much?

Some of the warning signs of heat-related illness include dizziness, instability, hives, vomiting, exhaustion, headache, and confusion. We recommend studying up on the warning signs of heat-related illness and having a discussion with your team before the summer starts.

Giving your staff, especially temp workers, the opportunity to join the conversation on heat-related illness can help them understand the warnings signs so they are able to identify them while on the job. If they notice a fellow co-worker struggling with these heat-related issues they would be able to identify the next steps to take.

If possible post flyers or other varieties of endorsements around your workplace displaying the warning signs of heat related illness. Not only does this help avoid any potential issues in the workplace, but it can be used as a quick reference when staff member notices someone falling under these ailments.

Encourage Self-Assessments of Their Daily Health Among Your Staff.

While this isn’t always the easiest option, giving your staff members intel of what to expect when they are experiencing heat-related illness could save them. Allowing them to take regular water breaks, step outside for fresh air, or more frequent rest periods could help them recover faster and stay ahead of the heat. During the summer months, allow for a little more flexibility in the workday for these types of situations. More time could mean your employees feel more comfortable asking for a break from the heat.

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