Hiring managers lead rewarding careers. Not only do they get to witness the development of their workers, they play a major role in selecting employees in the first place. Unfortunately, they also bear the responsibility of rejecting those who didn’t make the cut.  When turning down a job applicant you’ll want to make sure you do so professionally and politely. Here are some tips to consider:

Send a Timely Follow-Up

If an applicant doesn’t meet your qualifications off the bat, feel free to include your rejection within the initial receipt or confirmation of their resume. Most companies don’t process applicants this quickly, however, so you might have to send multiple follow-ups: one verifying you’ve received their information and another – at a later date – when you’ve finally reached a decision.

Communicate Appropriately

Always communicate with applicants in an appropriate manner. If you are rejecting an applicant based on their resume or application alone, or if they are applying for a remote job, it is acceptable to use email. Once an applicant or recruit has visited your building, however, a phone call is still considered a common professional courtesy.

Provide Personal Feedback

You’re not required to provide applicants with a specific reason for the rejection. In fact, you’re not obligated to provide any feedback whatsoever. If you do choose to go into detail, which is usually done at the applicant’s request, be concise and tactful with what you say.

In some cases, an applicant might try to twist your words in an attempt at an unlawful discrimination suit. Others might try to make an on-the-spot argument to backup their skills or experience. Both of these scenarios are easily avoided simply by stating your rejection and letting the applicant move on.

How to Reject a Recruit Provided by Automation Personnel Services

While we do our best to screen all our recruits and match them up with relevant jobs, you can still reject employees who don’t meet your needs in the workplace. You’ll want to notify your Branch contact that the applicant doesn’t meet qualifications. We’ll then get with the employee and find you a replacement. For more information, or to get started with our services right away, contact us today!