While many employers tend to target jobseekers who maintain an extremely active presence in their job search, there are actually numerous benefits to pursuing those who take a more passive approach. A technique that is especially useful when facing a tight or restrictive candidate market. Recruiting passive jobseekers is a fantastic way to fill the ranks of your roster. Moreover, some passive candidates possess skills and expertise that can be of great use to your company.

As stated by Jena Brown, a leader in independent recruiting and brand strategy, some passive candidates may acclimate even quicker to your organization than active jobseekers. She said – “Passive candidates who turn into hires usually come with several different touch points with your company, its culture and values. If you execute your passive candidate strategy well, the candidate enters your company with a certain level of trust and familiarity and can visualize working for you. This often results in new hires who come up to speed, immerse themselves in the company culture and add value more quickly which nurtures an a higher performer.”

Locating Passive Recruits

According to a recent global research report published by professionals with the LinkedIn Talent Blog, the passive workforce accounts for approximately 75 percent of all jobseekers today. Keeping that in mind, one would assume that locating and securing passive talent would be easy. However, it is quite the opposite. The very nature of the passive jobseekers means that you will need to go hunting for them, which is the exact opposite of what most employers are used to. There are a number of useful resources when trying to locate passive recruits.

Find a recruiter with industry knowledge and a network that can be leveraged to locate a technical resource with a specific background or skillset.   Technically experienced recruiters typically have a much higher success rate in attracting passive candidates due to the level of information that can be provided by a recruiter that knows the details of the industry and the job through personal experience.

Social networking sites can also be used when searching for passive recruits, at no cost or very low expenses. Such sites give you access to a countless number of potential recruits, some of which maintain a passive online presence. If you find someone that fits your needs, whether through social media or some other form of online activity, don’t hesitate to contact them. It’s important to show your interest in them before someone else does.

Steps to Securing Passive Talent

Once you’ve located enough potential recruits to fill your ranks, you’re now faced with the challenge of promoting your company and securing their employment. For starters, contact them with a brief introduction of both yourself and your company. Go into specific detail about how you found them and what qualities you are attracted to in the candidate. Finally, describe the role you want them to fill.

Once a passive recruit has shown interest, you can move forward with salary negotiations and interview scheduling. These aspects of the recruitment process are also in your favor when searching for passive talent, as they are less likely to be interviewing or negotiating with other companies.

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