A term originally invented in 2001 through a study that highlighted the difference that exists between the skills that manufacturing employers are looking for and the actual skill sets of the immediate workforce, the Skills Gap can be a real problem when it comes to finding and securing top talent. While each staffing agency has taken its own approach to tackling the problems raised by the skills gap, Automation Personnel Services utilizes a variety of proven strategies to counteract, minimize and even eliminate such problems.

Large and Skilled Talent Pool

One of the biggest and most obvious ways in which Automation is able to overcome the skill gap is through the utilization of a larger talent pool when compared to that of a traditional job posting. This maximizes your chances of finding and securing the talent needed to fill your roster.

Moreover, given the fact that we’ve worked with the majority of our employees in the past, you’ll be able to benefit from candidates who are more skillful, qualified and dependable. Apart from proving productivity at your facility, this also decreases employee turnover rates and enhances long-term retention.

Recruitment Versatility

We also pride ourselves in the ability to accommodate changing or evolving staffing needs, including seasonal hiring initiatives and project-specific recruitment. By maintaining a “just-in-time” approach to staffing and labor allocation, we are able to process and book assignments on a daily basis. We are also able to accommodate long-term staffing needs.

No-Cost Employee Transitioning

Automation also works to accommodate employers who want to transition their temporary recruits into full-time, permanent staff members. Unlike other staffing agencies, Automation gives you the chance to hire our employees at absolutely no cost to you once they’ve completed 520 hours of work with your company. While other companies tend to over-complicate the process of transitioning a part-time employee from our payroll to yours, we actually work with our clients in order to ensure their exact needs are met.

Pre-Screening and Verification

Our clients are also able to benefit from our comprehensive interview. We can provide client-specific tests and analyses, including drug screening and criminal background checks. All of these processes can go a long way in ensuring the reputation, dependability and character of a candidate before they even enter your place of business. When factored over a long-term basis, this can save our clients a great deal of time as well as money.

Partner with a Leader in Industrial Staffing

Automation provides a strategic and economic solution to meeting all of your industrial staffing needs. Work with one of the largest staffing firms in the United States and experience how we provide experienced light industrial talent for our clients. Contact one of the fastest-growing industrial staffing firms today to get started!

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