Passive Job Seekers Recruiting Tips



4 Tips For Recruiting Passive Job Seekers By Lee Hurley The term passive job seekers may seem like an oxymoron. Yet with unemployment at a record low many qualified candidates for open positions already have a job. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t listen. To reach passive job seekers you just have to mix up… Read more »

The Top 5 Things Passive Job Seekers Are Looking for in a New Role


Passive job seekers are one of the most difficult demographics to recruit. While they tend to make great workers, the fact they’re not looking for work puts the advantage in their hands. Moreover, passive job seekers can be tricky to locate in the first place – they don’t exactly come to you. With that in… Read more »

3 Tactics to Help You Find Passive Job Seekers


Passive job seekers are the most difficult kind of job seekers to recruit. For starters, their very nature means they’re not actively looking for a job. In fact, the term is often used to describe candidates who are already employed with another company. But this doesn’t mean they’re not open to bigger and better opportunities…. Read more »