New Collar Jobs



By: Felecia Brasfield As a result of the economy reopening and shifting post-pandemic there seems to be a great deal of stress on the labor market. The good news is that blue-collar workers may have found a way to stay current and garner increased wages. Savvy individuals spent time wisely during the pandemic by learning… Read more »

Passive Job Seekers Recruiting Tips



4 Tips For Recruiting Passive Job Seekers By Lee Hurley The term passive job seekers may seem like an oxymoron. Yet with unemployment at a record low many qualified candidates for open positions already have a job. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t listen. To reach passive job seekers you just have to mix up… Read more »

5 Perks to Offering Coffee in the Break Room


Manufacturing Career

Coffee breaks are a fantastic way of splitting up the monotony of the average workday, but you can take it one step further by supplying the coffee yourself! While it will add to your overhead expenses, the direct benefits you receive will more than make up for the extra money spent on hot coffee in… Read more »

Can Incentivizing Employees to Quit Smoking Benefit Both of You?


Tips to help staff quit smoking

Five tips to help your staff quit smoking – for good There’s no denying it – smoking cigarettes is unhealthy but trying to quit smoking is one of the hardest challenges many people face. Not only does smoking affect one’s health, it can even harm those around you. If you run a business that has… Read more »

What Is It Like To Be In Your Boss’s Shoes For A Day?


Being the boss is a challenging job. Not only are they responsible for ensuring the day-to-day productivity of the entire team, they also have executive-level accountability, too. In short, the boss serves as a middleman between the general workforce and those that have financial interest in the company. While this might be hard to imagine,… Read more »

Reasons We Should Be Moving Away From the Famous Mantra – “It’s Not Personal, It’s Just Business.”


The age-old mantra, “it’s not personal, it’s just business,” has been tossed around far too often and for too many years. Many managers have used this phrase in the past – whether it’s true or not – to absolve themselves in a myriad of different situations. Whether it’s used in discipline and termination or as… Read more »

Great YouTube Channels for Interview and Resume Tips!


What started as a small-scale site for uploading and hosting personal videos has quickly expanded into a full-fledged media platform – and YouTube shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. But the content found among the millions of online videos isn’t limited to popular media and entertainment. In fact, there are plenty of resources… Read more »

4 Tips to Finding a Job You Enjoy Going to Every Day


Let’s face it – some of us struggle to find the motivation needed to show up to the job each day. Whether you’re stuck in a dead-end position, relying on temp jobs or simply unsatisfied with your current career path, this struggle can be devastating to your professional reputation as well as your pocketbook. On… Read more »

4 Ways to Stay Interested in a Job You Don’t Like


At Automation Personnel Services, we realize how difficult it is to remain interested in a job you simply don’t like. We always try to connect our recruits with new and exciting opportunities in their fields, but it’s perfectly normal for an employee to lose interest in their job over the course of time. If you… Read more »

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your New Hire, Already!


Professional relationships don’t always work out as planned. Even the most qualified of recruits might have glaring issues with their personality, work ethic or other traits that simply don’t align with the goals of your company. Automation Personnel Services understands this. As one of the largest staffing firms in U.S., we pride ourselves in matching… Read more »